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A surface mix burner is a burner head where gas and oxygen are directly connected to separate chambers (there is no mixer), then individually routed to individual concentric apertures. When the gas and oxygen comes out of the concentric apertures, they mix and generate the flame outside. The number and the arrangement of the apertures define the shape and the size of the flame.

These burners offers a set of unique advantages compared to premix burners:

-Highest level of safety : with no gas-oxygen mixing inside the burner or in the piping, these burners prevent from any backflash or internal combustion, whatever is the gas/o2 ratio or the way the gas and oxygen is shut down.

-Very silent (compared to an equivalent premix burner), especially for large flames.

-Extended lifetime : with a full stainless steel conception and no direct contact between the flame and the burner, these burners can operate thousands of hours without maintenance.

They are specially recommended for hydrogen-oxygen applications but they can also operate with other gases such as propane, natural gas, … .

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