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This equipment can produce various shapes of glass tubes (square, rectangular, ovoid) by heating a glass tube and extruding it on a carbon tool.

The heating of the glass tube is performed by 4 burners (may be only 2 or 3 for small tubes)

The machine is provided fully equipped with the flame heating system, the tool holding system, the nitrogen flushing, the tube holder, …

The profiling process if fully automated but the loading/unloading must be done by the operator. The operator controls the machine and the parameters of the recipe through an HMI.


The glass tube to be profiled must first be joined on a tube whose internal diameter is slightly greater than the maximum diameter of the tool to be extruded.

For assembly, thread the steel cable on which the tool is fixed into the glass tube, sleeved side. Pass the assembly through the torch and the upper gripping system, then insert the sleeve into the seal of the lower mist. Then wind the cable on the upper and lower pulleys to reach the fixing bracket of the right carriage, at the rear of the machine. Pull the cable tight. Finally, squeeze the glass tube into the upper gripping system.

The connection of the lower stop must be connected to the nitrogen distribution circuit. The nitrogen flow rate is adjusted via an adjustment valve.

As with the calibration, the heating is done from the bottom up. The torch and tool travel speed should be adjusted to maintain a constant T ° of the glass during the extrusion process.

The cycle is controlled either by the operator (manual version) or by the machine (semi-automatic version)

Once in the low position (adjustable), an electric sensor stops the process [only for the semi-automatic version].


Tube length From 500mm to 1500mm
Tube diameter From 10mm  to 60mm (ID)
I.D. Precision +/- 0,2mm

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