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This fully automated piece of equipment collects and blows the membrane glass to a PH electrode. Both low speed (25p/H) and high speed (up to 60p/H) versions are available.

The glass to dip and blow is placed in a platinum crucible and heated by a HF oven to the requested temperature. This temperature is then maintained by the regulation system. The coil of the oven is constantly cooled down by the water-cooling unit.

The electrodes to be dipped are placed vertically on racks located at the left side of the machine.

A standard production cycle consists in transferring a tube from the rack (or the buffer) to the dipping/blowing station, referencing the tube (to know the exact location of the edge to be dipped), collecting the melted glass (dipping) and blowing the shape by using the blowing system and the camera control.

Finally, the tube is unloaded from the dipping/blowing station to the buffer, then from the buffer to the rack.


Tube length From 100mm to 500mm
Tube diameter From 5mm  to 12mm
Oven temperature Up to 1400°C
Crucible size 25ml / 50ml
Number / size of racks Up to 3 – Up to 200 pieces/rack
HMI M.I.C.A. Software (see Automated lathe section)

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