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This automated glass tube cutting machine can operate either with a diamond marking or with a wet tempered steel wheel, depending on the type of glass to cut (hard glass or soft glass). In both cases, the tube is self-maintained on a tube stop and driven by wheels.

Depending on the type of glass, marking is done either before or after heating the tube inside with a burner. An exclusive feature is the tube stop removal. With this feature, as soon as the flame comes out of the tube (when the tube cuts), the tube stop automatically retracts and the tube rotation stops.

That feature impedes cracks or chips to appear due to the friction between both sides of the cut tube.

In the semi-auto model, the operator controls the sequence by using hand and foot commands (all movements are air-controlled. In the automatic model, the operator sets the recipe in the HMI and the machine performs the full cutting operation by itself. Optionally, this model can be equipped with an automatic


Tube length Up to 2000mm
Tube diameter From 30 to 80mm
Cut length From 20 to 500mm
Driven wheels   Variable speed (from 0 to 200 rpm)
Diamond/wheel control Pneumatic (pressure controlled)
Burner movement Pneumatic
Tube stop movement Pneumatic
Flame control  Semi-auto: needle valves
Auto Mass flow controllers / valves

Various types of cutting equipments are available, such as thermo-cutting machines or diamond sawing machines. The cutting process can be semi-automated or fully automated.”

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