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As opposed to standard equipment, this automated machine holds the tube in a chuck, allowing the tube to rotate during the cutting operations. Change “all tooling is made in house” to

This principle of working offers a lot of advantages compared to a standard machine:

  1. The cutting speed is a lot higher, as the wheel has just to cross the thickness of the tube instead of the whole diameter.
  2. No chips or cracks at the output location of the wheel (because of the rotation of the tube)
  3. Improved per pendicularity of the tube cut.
  4. No risk of tube scratching as the tube is not on a V support.
  5. Allow to cut very narrow slices.

The cutting area is totally closed during the automatic cutting operation, keeping the operator and the environment dry and clean. The cutting parameters (positions, speeds,…) are entered into the HMI by the operator.

As opposed to standard equipment, this automated machine holds the tube in a chuck, allowing the tube to rotate during the cutting operations.


Tube length Up to 2000mm
Tube diameter From 4 to 90 mm
Cut length From 2 to 300mm

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