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What are we?

A production unit specializing in glass and quartz hot forming operations
A glassblowing and engineering team at your service
A manufacturer of machines for glass and quartz hot forming processes
An exporting company located in the heart of Europe


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Moores Equipment offers an unique and exclusive service to its customers. Thanks to high-tech equipments including thermographic controlled lathes, we can produce, on custom basis, a very wide range of glass and quartz components for your industrial needs.

Furthermore, the productivity and flexibility of our equipments guarantees a top quality at the best price, from small to large series (see specifications at the back). The pictures displayed hereabove show a small sample of various types of components we can produce.

We have also a large expertise in designing glass and quartz components. Please feel free to contact us, we will help you to find the most appropriate solution to your problem.


Range of products


3 in 1 self-supporting cast iron bench

Types of glass

L 2000 mm x l 1480 mm x H 1400 mm.

Diameter of tubes

Æ 2 à Æ 100mm

Series (typical)

From 100 to 50000 pieces.


Up to 0.05mm

Any further information

Tel.: +32 4 226 68 30

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Specialized design office

  • Glass products development
  • Process Development
  • Special machines design
  • Programming of customers
  • Feasability study

Domains of applications

  • Lighting: Lamp bodies, UV and IR glass envelopes, stems
  • Chemistry: Custom glassware, assembly components
  • Laser: Tubes, flanges
  • Electronics: Tubes envelopes, detector bodies quartz ovens, isolators
  • Solar energy: solar receivers, concentrators
  • Instrumentation: PH electrodes, ORP sensors, viscosimeters
  • Condom Moulds
  • Also nuclear medicine, arms components




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