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Pneumatic chuck model 2008 for MBS 42 series

pneumatic chuck


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The new generation of pneumatic chucks specifically designed for the MBS series defines new standards in accuracy and flexibility. These chucks are based on a high quality standard Schunk model, that has been modified to fit glass and quartz manufacturing requirements. Extended life time, very accurate indexing system, interchangeable jaws and jaws covers and smoother behavior are the main improvements of that new generation.

The maintenance is also facilitated, both for lubricating operations and for realignment operations.

They can replace old generation chucks without modification of the adaptation flange. Various types of jaws are available depending of the application.


Main technical features

Outside diameter


Width (without jaws)


Weight (all inclusive)

19 Kg.

Operating pressure

1 ... 6 bars

Stroke / jaw


Index range

3 to 60mm


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Tel.: +32 4 226 68 30

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Specialized design office

  • Glass products development
  • Process Development
  • Special machines design
  • Programming of customers
  • Feasability study

Domains of applications

  • Lighting: Lamp bodies, UV and IR glass envelopes, stems
  • Chemistry: Custom glassware, assembly components
  • Laser: Tubes, flanges
  • Electronics: Tubes envelopes, detector bodies quartz ovens, isolators
  • Solar energy: solar receivers, concentrators
  • Instrumentation: PH electrodes, ORP sensors, viscosimeters
  • Condom Moulds
  • Also nuclear medicine, arms components




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