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Thermographic controlled lathe accessories


Model shown: Inside forming tool holder / no driving unit / no edge forming tool unit


Other products:

Internal forming tool holder


In some applications, mainly pieces shaped at the end of the tube (such as threads, joins, flanges,…), the process requires that the tube is shaped both outside and inside. The outside forming can be performed by using the revolving external forming tool holder, which is a standard equipement of the termographic controlled lathe . At the opposite, the inside forming requires a special 'tool', named 'internal forming tool holder'.

This accessory can be very quickly mounted in replacement of the right chuck. The holder fits any forming tool with an axis of 15mm. It freely rotates on water-cooled bearing and can move both horizontally (to penetrate inside the tube) and vertically (to adjust inside diameter) . From now on, there is no need to choose between a 'one head forming machine' and a 'two heads machine'. This accessory makes the thermographic controlled lathe even more universal. To cover an extensive range of applications, the unit can be equiped with a motorized NC rotation axis (case of inner threads) and with an edge forming tool carrier (see options below).


Main technical features

Overall dimensions

L 310 mm x W 170mm x H 235 mm.


11 Kg


ø 15 mm, rotation free, water-cooled

Horizontal mvt

Range of travel : 700mm
Positionning accuracy : 0.01mm

Vertical mvt

Range of travel : 70mm (-20 to +50)
Positionning accuracy : 0.01mm

Electrical connections

One single connector

Water connections

Quick connectors

Typical installation time

10 minutes

Software recognition


Edge forming too carrier

Range of travel : 50mm
Accuracy : 0.01mm

Motorized axis

True NC axis (can be synchronized with spindle speed) - Accuracy : 1'arc.


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Tel.: +32 4 226 68 30

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  • Glass products development
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  • Special machines design
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Domains of applications

  • Lighting: Lamp bodies, UV and IR glass envelopes, stems
  • Chemistry: Custom glassware, assembly components
  • Laser: Tubes, flanges
  • Electronics: Tubes envelopes, detector bodies quartz ovens, isolators
  • Solar energy: solar receivers, concentrators
  • Instrumentation: PH electrodes, ORP sensors, viscosimeters
  • Condom Moulds
  • Also nuclear medicine, arms components




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