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A production unit specializing in glass and quartz hot forming operations
A glassblowing and engineering team at your service
A manufacturer of machines for glass and quartz hot forming processes
An exporting company located in the heart of Europe


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pH Electrode Glass Bodies


Suppliers of pH Electrode Glass Bodies internationally

Moores Equipment owned by Moores Glassworks manufacture the glass bodies that house the electrode. The glass body electrode is most often used in laboratory applications and is the best choice for solutions containing proteins and organics or solvents, which might attack a polymer body. Please see the images below to give you an idea of the manufacturing process.


pH Electrode Glass Bodies


The glass body is still to be preferred for highly corrosive materials and high temperature applications. A glass body is also easier to clean in comparison to a plastic body.

pH Electrode Glass Bodies production


We use our own fully automated lathes are used for the production of the glass electrode bodies

We use fully automated lathes for the production of the glass electrode bodies. This enables us to produce exceptional and repeatable quality that is very important in mass production. Our auto lathes also allow us to keep costs low and remain extremely competitive in a market that is price sensitive.




Specialized design office

  • Glass products development
  • Process Development
  • Special machines design
  • Programming of customers
  • Feasability study

Domains of applications

  • Lighting: Lamp bodies, UV and IR glass envelopes, stems
  • Chemistry: Custom glassware, assembly components
  • Laser: Tubes, flanges
  • Electronics: Tubes envelopes, detector bodies quartz ovens, isolators
  • Solar energy: solar receivers, concentrators
  • Instrumentation: PH electrodes, ORP sensors, viscosimeters
  • Condom Moulds
  • Also nuclear medicine, arms components




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