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A production unit specializing in glass and quartz hot forming operations
A glassblowing and engineering team at your service
A manufacturer of machines for glass and quartz hot forming processes
An exporting company located in the heart of Europe


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Welcome to Moores Equipment

Moores Equipment is a market leading specialist glasswork manufacturing operation based in Belgium, with a broad range of international partnerships and distribution agents.

Moores Equipment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moores Glassworks UK.

At our high tech production unit we create bespoke and specialist glass and quartz components which are used for a variety of industrial and scientific applications.

Our cutting edge technologies, which include exclusive regulation technology, enable us to fabricate components to the very highest tolerance levels that industrial applications require.

Our glassblowing and engineering team has years of experience in glass and quartz hot forming operations, and the productivity and flexibility of our equipment guarantees superior quality at the best price, on a custom or bulk production basis.

Furthermore we actually manufacture the equipment we use to make our quality glasswork, such as our thermographically controlled lathes, should you wish to take control of your glass manufacture yourself.

Moores Equipment is a renowned exported of glasswork components worldwide, and so not only are you guaranteed an excellent product, but also unrivalled service levels too. Whatever your specialist glasswork needs, Moores Equipment are your solution. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.



Specialized design office

  • Glass products development
  • Process Development
  • Special machines design
  • Programming of customers
  • Feasability study

Domains of applications

  • Lighting: Lamp bodies, UV and IR glass envelopes, stems
  • Chemistry: Custom glassware, assembly components
  • Laser: Tubes, flanges
  • Electronics: Tubes envelopes, detector bodies quartz ovens, isolators
  • Solar energy: solar receivers, concentrators
  • Instrumentation: PH electrodes, ORP sensors, viscosimeters
  • Condom Moulds
  • Also nuclear medicine, arms components




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