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A production unit specializing in glass and quartz hot forming operations
A glassblowing and engineering team at your service
A manufacturer of machines for glass and quartz hot forming processes
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About Moores Equipment

Moores Equipment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moores Glassworks UK.

The union of optics and electronics is providing new solutions to an increasing range of technological requirements. From analytical laboratories to advanced avionics, specialized glassware is becoming an integral component of sophisticated systems and equipment employed in both commercial and military applications.

The Company

For nearly 40 years, Moores has been designing and manufacturing industrial glassware to the highest standards. Right from its earliest beginnings supplying the medical profession, the company recognized the importance of anticipating evolving technologies and customer demand. This commitment to innovation, backed by investment in skills and machinery has placed this UK-based company in the forefront of its field.

Today, Moores enjoys a reputation for making products which are unique for their quality and performance. Specializing in many different products used in a variety of applications, it is the quality that the company provides that has put it in the forefront of the glass industry. Moores works with companies all over the world and many of its components are custom made. The company responds quickly and competitively to clients' needs, which is fundamental to its success.

Moores Glassworks has a number of different departments, ranging from its highly skilled team of specialist glassblowers to machines department. Products are manufactured as per client requirements before passing through the company's inspection department. This is a very important stage in ensuring maximum quality but also finding and preventing problems in the future.

Machines department

Moores machines department is fast becoming a more and more important part of the company. The price of raw materials is continuously rising and clients are striving to keep costs as low as possible. To keep its place at the forefront of the glass industry, Moores has invested in ways to remain extremely competitive, whilst maintaining and improving quality. In 2004, Moores Glassworks acquired Moores Equipment, a Belgium-based manufacturer of glass products and developer of computer-controlled glass processes. Glass or quartz parts are fabricated using thermographic and dimensionally controlled automated lathes.

Auto lathes

Auto lathes can be programmed to perform the work of highly skilled craftsmen, which is especially advantageous when manufacturing with high yields, as it allows for consistency and repeatability of quality whilst decreasing labour costs.

These thermographically controlled lathes are fully automated to produce a wide variety of glass and quartz products by hot-forming operations. From tubes or rods, these machines can shape using any combination of forming, pushing, pulling, blowing, sealing, collapsing or centrifugal operations, providing high-dimensional accuracy. Programming the equipment is quick, simple and user-friendly, and the systems are flexible. Since no mechanical setup is required, it takes just a few minutes to switch from one production to another, making the equipment cost-efficient even for small production batches.

Moores Equipment has developed a unique programming tool: remote control. Using joysticks, potentiometers and other controls, a glassblower can produce a reference piece on an automatic machine. During this operation, called acquisition, the machine records all actions made by the glassblower, as well as thermographic and dimensional maps.

The software analyzes all the information recorded during the acquisition, finds correlations between the actions made by the glassblower and the thermographic and dimensional information then automatically generates a production programme. Corrections can be made directly in the program to improve the quality or the production speed.

As a glassblower works on a manual lathe, he is actually working in closed loop. He carries out an operation, looks at the effect of this operation on the glass and consequently decides about his next action. The effect analyzed can be linked to the viscosity of the glass or its shape. This method allows the glassblower to adapt to variations in his working environment (dimensions of tubing, flame power) in order to produce the same final result from various working conditions.

These thermographically controlled lathes are roughly working on the same principle. The embedded thermographic camera continuously measures the temperature profile and the dimensions of the working glass at locations defined by the program and adapt the programmed actions according to the result of these measurements. Taking into account that the machine is able to perform these measurements with a far greater accuracy than a glass blower, the final result is also more accurate and repetitive, with tolerances up to ±0.05 millimetres.


Moores auto lathes come with various accessories. In some applications, mainly pieces shaped at the end of the tube (such as threads, joins, flanges,…), the process requires that the tube is shaped both outside and inside. The outside forming can be performed by using the revolving external forming tool holder, which is a standard equipement of the termographic controlled lathe. The inside forming, on the other hand, requires a special 'tool', named 'internal forming tool holder'.

This accessory can be very quickly mounted in replacement of the right chuck. The holder fits any forming tool with an axis of 15 millimetres. It rotates freely on watercooled bearing and can move both horizontally (to penetrate inside the tube) and vertically (to adjust intenal diameter).

From now on, there is no need to choose between a 'one-head forming machine' and a 'two-head machine'. This accessory makes the thermographic controlled lathe even more universal. To cover an extensive range of applications, the unit can be equipped with a motorized NC rotation axis (case of inner threads) and with an edge forming tool carrier.

Some clients prefer not to purchase the lathes themselves but subcontract instead. Thanks to the high-tech equipment used, Moores is able to produce, on a custom basis, a very wide range of glass and quartz components.

The products manufactured at Moores Glassworks cover a wide range of medical, military and commercial applications. Specialists in Vacuum Viewports, Glass to Metal Seals, Stems/Pinches, Graded Seals and Hollow Cathode Lamp Bodies, Moores Glassworks is assisting and supplying clients in the United Kingdom, Europe and exporting glass to the US and the rest of the world.


143 Hersham Road - Walton On Thames
KT12 1RR - UK
Tel: +44 - 1932 - 222314

Specialized design office

  • Glass products development
  • Process Development
  • Special machines design
  • Programming of customers
  • Feasability study

Domains of applications

  • Lighting: Lamp bodies, UV and IR glass envelopes, stems
  • Chemistry: Custom glassware, assembly components
  • Laser: Tubes, flanges
  • Electronics: Tubes envelopes, detector bodies quartz ovens, isolators
  • Solar energy: solar receivers, concentrators
  • Instrumentation: PH electrodes, ORP sensors, viscosimeters
  • Condom Moulds
  • Also nuclear medicine, arms components




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